Shainda Hasan Library

The Shainda Hasan Library supports the teaching and learning programs of the college. The library encompass a rich collection of about 32,000 documents comprising of books, journals, magazines and newspapers in the field of various courses offered by the college. Karamat Husian Muslim Girl’s PG College can confidently claim to possess one of the best college libraries in the city, catering to the requirements of various undergraduate courses and postgraduate (English) as well.

The library subscribes to a number of journals, newspapers and magazines. The Library practices the Open Access System. Certain days of the week are earmarked for B.A., B. Sc., B.Com, B.Ed. and M.A. students for issue and return of books. This way, the students can peruse through the entire collection of books available in the library.
Reference service is available in the library (assistance in searching and locating documents and assistance to catalogues etc.)
Arrangement of collection is subject wise, so one can easily locate the books. Besides the general collection, the library also has a good collection of reference materials like encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals.

Computerization and Automation of library

Considering the importance of computerization in the library house-keeping operations such as acquisition, OPAC, circulation, serials control, multimedia and web based inquiry; the library is automated by using internationally reputed integrated library system software named Alice for Windows software. 3 PCs are dedicated exclusively to the users for online public access catalogue (OPAC) with facilities for various search options like by author, title, subject keyword, accession numbers and articles.
The Library has a very good collection of print as well as online journals. Wide access to online journals and e-books are available through N-List Consortium.
All the books available in the library are Bar-coded for automated check in and check-out and helping to achieve maximum efficiency in providing accuracy, speed and reliability. It is very helpful in providing Circulation statistics of the books and also helping in answering different queries such as history of issue and return of books, most issued books, books in a great demand etc.

ICT Infrastructure
Since its inception, the library has taken visible measures in making use of ICT advancements.
The library has :
• Wi-Fi connectivity • Internet facility for accessing on-line databases • Barcode Technology for Circulation Counter • Scanner for the digitization • 2 Printers • Photocopy Machines • CCTV Servillance

Library Hours

S.No. Day Timings 1. Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm 2. Summer/Winter vacations 9.00 am to 4.00 pm 3. Sunday and Holidays Closed


1. Strict discipline and silence are to be observed in the Library.
2. Each user would be provided with library card for issue of books.
3. Issue of books for home – Each student would be issued two books at a time.
4. Reissue of books by a user may be allowed maximum twice more after first issue for 7days.
5. Failure to return books on Due-date would compulsorily lead to penalty of Re.5/- per book for all students.
6. ‘No Dues’ for each student is to be obtained from the library before the final exams.
7. Magazines, periodicals, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia etc. would not be issued.
8. Newly purchased books will be displayed as new arrivals.
9. In case a user loses a book he/she would have to either replace the book or deposit three times the price of the book in the library.
10. Library books are to be deposited at least one week before leaving the station or any break (Short Vacation) and 15 days before any long vacation.
11. Each Student would be provided with one Library cards for issue of books. For this purpose, students should manage one Passport size recent photographs in School-Uniform.
12. Members of the Library should always carry their Library Card to visit the Library and produce the same whenever asked by the Library Staff.
13. Library Entry and Services are restricted to only authorize members of the Library.
14. Every member must sign in the Register available at the entrance with Check-In and Check-Out time.
15. Personal belongings like bags, umbrellas etc. are to be kept at property counter.
16. The library is not responsible for the personal belongings kept at the property counter. Hence, the users are advised not to keep their valuables at the property counter.
17. Members should always collect and take away their belongings from the property counter while leaving the Central Library premises.
18. Members are expected to maintain silence and not indulge into any act which may disturb the reading or study of other users or interferes with the proper functioning of the Library.
19. Maintenance of decorum at the library is mandatory for all stakeholders.
20. Photography, sleeping, eating, Chewing gums, use of cell phone and talking loudly are strictly prohibited.
21. Readers should not mark, deface, mutilate, underline, dog-ear mark, write, tear pages, spoil or damage the library documents/materials. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged with the full replacement cost of damaged material and may lead to suspension of library membership.
22. Newspapers and magazines must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to other reading areas.
23. No Library material can be taken out from the library without prior permission and issuance.
24. Members are advised to leave the books on the table after reading and not to shelve books, periodicals and other library materials themselves, because it may disturb the prescribed arrangement order.
25. Notice, publicity, materials/ wall writing etc. are not allowed in any part of the library buildings without prior permission of the Librarian.
26. Library's photocopying services are fee based and the users must be comply with relevant copyright legislation.
27. The computers, Internet, Wi-Fi and Xerox facility are meant for academic use only.
28. Borrower should check and not borrow defective/damaged books. Otherwise, he/she shall be held responsible.
29. A book returned by a member shall not be re-issued to the same member on the same day,
30. Two books of the same title will not be issued to one member.
31. Members are blocked from borrowing any new materials until overdue items are returned, renewed, or replacement costs are assessed and fines are paid.
32. Loss of book by the borrower should be reported to the Circulation immediately to avoid overdue charge/ fine.
33. Suggestion for a book/periodical and other library services is always welcome.
34. In case a borrowed book is lost or damaged, the borrower shall either replace the book with its latest edition along with the overdue charge incurred or deposit thrice/threefold of the cost of the book/document.
35. If a volume of a multi-volume set is damaged or lost, the borrower shall be liable to replace the whole set.