Mission Vision & Objectives


To establish an Institute of multidisciplinary learning comparable to the best in the country, with special commitment to excellence in women’s education, their holistic development and lifelong learning with a special focus on the cultural heritage of India.


The Mission of the college is reflected in its logo “TALIBUL ILM-E-FARIZA”. This is a saying from the Holy Hadith and it means “Acquisition of Knowledge is one’s duty”. The College is thus committed to promote quality education of women, to inculcate scientific temperament, creative and innovative spirit among them, and prepare their young minds for imbibing knowledge, technological skills, social sensitivity, and environmental consciousness for the betterment of self and society.


To educate the Muslim women of India and to extend this service to women from other communities also. To equip students with basic undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which are essential qualifications for diverse career options. To facilitate an unprecedented scholarly growth and development of the students and develop in them an ability to use knowledge to transform lives. To produce confident, versatile and imaginative students with strong interpretive and critical thinking needed for today’s changing world. To empower students by instilling in them self reliance and self esteem, and thus preparing them for the challenges and complexities of life in the twenty-first century, based on a strong value system.