Our Founder

Justice Sayyed Karamat Hussain Sahab Founder (1854 - 1917)

" Acquisition of knowledge is one's duty (Al - Hadith) "

To Inculcate Discipline and Promote Their Moral, Cultural And Physical Skill.

Karamat Husain Muslim Girls' P. G. College is with a noble mission of educating the girls of the society, aims at the all around development of all students. The person with such a noble and virtuous mission in his mind was Justice Sayyed Karamat Hussain, after whom the college has been named. He lost his parents in his early childhood and was brought up and groomed by his uncle Sayyid Hamid Hussain in Lucknow. He started his career as the head Maulvi of the newly founded Raj Kumar college of Dr. Stratton.

Karamat Hussain always had an aspiration to serve mankind by becoming a doctor but, life had something else in store for him. At the age of 32, he went along with Raja of Narsinghgarh to England where he obtained a law degree. Later, when he returned to India, he realized that the Muslim boys who received their education from abroad were poles apart in their thoughts with the Muslim girls of India as they were ignorant and uneducated. Hence there was an upheaval of social crisis in the Muslim community. In order to iron out these differences Karamat Hussain came up with a resolution of women education at the Educational Conference in Allahabad in 1890, unfortunately this suggestion of his was repudiated.

On his arrival to Lucknow in 1912 he founded the Muslim Girls’ School at Kabootar Wali Kothi in Kaiserbagh, which he acquired on rent basis. The school started with the strength of six girls who were from noble and reputed families. It was an endeavor to incite the Muslim girls of the lower strata to adopt this formal educational system. Initially the muslim community was disgusted by this idea of women education. The seniors of the community were perplexed and full of apprehensions with the exposure and frequent movement of the girls out of their homes. It was contemplated a taboo in the Muslim community for the girls to move out of their place of abode, who were subjected to purdah system.

Keeping this in mind a hostel facility was also made available to the girls from the very next day of the establishment of the school. In the 1925 the school moved to a new building across the river in the newly developing suburbs of Lucknow, where it stands now. Having regards to his long services to the cause of women education, this Muslim Girl’s school was named after Justice Karamat Hussain. The principal of the new Muslim Girls’ School was Miss Amina Pope, an English woman who had come to India in 1910.

As time passed by, the strength increased manifold and in 1924 High School was opened, soon it rose to the status of Inter College in 1936, and eventually a degree college in 1946 with undaunted efforts of its manager Syed Shuaib Ahmed, the college became Post Graduate in 2000, B.Sc. in 2002, B.Ed. in 2005 and B.com. in 2013. Ever since the college started blooming it witnessed the increasing interests of students in sports. Their inclination led the school to the level of excellence in N.S.S, Hockey, Javelin, Badminton, Shot-put, Basketball, High Jump, Long Jump and the establishment of the first firing range among other colleges. It is a matter of great pride that our hockey team is the best in Uttar Pradesh and has the distinction of winning at the national level. It has been adopted as Girls Hockey Teaching Centre by Sports Authority of India.